Friday, August 20, 2010

The Nerve Of My Mother!

I can not believe her nerve, the very audacity of her!

That she would put on her exercise clothes and her walking shoes and her sunglasses and a hat to hide her crazy morning hair and then try to leave me behind when I know she's going for a walk, it's beyond what I can believe.

She knows I know what mornings are for. She knows I know that if she doesn't sit down with a cup of coffee she is going to be changing out of her pajamas into her pirate pants (as Dad so fondly calls the pants she wears for exercise). She knows I watch her and wait to see if she puts on her shoes. She knows I know once those shoes are on, walking is about to commence.

And I do love me some walking!

But she tried to leave me behind yesterday! Tried to put me in my crate and take a walk by herself!

I'm still in shock.

Luckily I have crazy good sad puppy dog eyes, as does Sarah Beagle and Olive Badger, and we melted Mom's determination to walk alone. She mumbled something about us breaking her heart and us being pains in the rear, but I know she didn't mean the last part.

She likes being dragged, I mean, walked by us.

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