Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Changing Of The Guard

I was quite the watch dog in my younger days. Being the only dog meant I had a lot of work to do. There is so much to sniff, chase, and bark at where we live.

I even had a death threat! I never let that stop me from guarding my house and my family.

But now we have this young whipper snapper of a puppy, who lives for guarding the house. She fairly vibrates with desire to keep this place safe.

I don't think I ever had that kind of drive. I was watching her rest in the sunshine on the front porch, which I myself love to do, but whereas I'm usually dozing, she was alert, her eyes scanning our street and sidewalk and yard and even the trees (she has a personal vendetta against a very forward squirrel) and I had to admit she is a better guard dog than me.

So Olive, I've decided to let you be the lead guard dog. I'm thinking I much prefer to nap on the porch chairs and let you sound the alarm. If it's serious, like that meter reader you had cornered the other day, I will be there to back you up in a heart beat.

By the way, give me a little more warning when you've actually got a real threat in the yard. I was a little embarrassed how much seeing that meter guy startled me. My only consolation was Mom also got startled. We both thought you were barking at the neighbor dog again. Just let me know next time so I won't jump out of my skin.

In fact, I hear you barking now. Hold on Olive, I'm coming! I sure hope it's not your squirrel again. That cheeky bugger is never coming out of that tree. You've just got to believe me on this one.

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