Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do You Mean I Stink?

Mom, I understand that our barking and howling at 4:30 this morning might have gotten you up on the wrong side of the bed, but did our morning really have to end in baths, again?

You've got to understand that we were noisy because something was out in our yard! We could hear it. When you let us out, we could SMELL it. And it smelled horribly glorious.

Now, I think you wouldn't have known we had had a little roll in muck, if only Olive Badger was not a white dog. As soon as you saw her, laying on your couch, all her white fur a brownish green color, you knew something was not good.

I hate to admit it, but I got a kick out of you carrying Olive into the bathroom for her bath. Ha, I thought! Olive Badger was sure a mess. Then you came out, with one sad wet dog, and checked Sarah Beagle. Uh-oh. Sarah was also a bit on the dirty side, so off she went to the bathroom too.

I still stayed on the couch, all sprawled out and feeling safe and secure that I would not have to a bath.

I forgot that you are pretty smart, Mom. You came out and headed right for me. I could feel your eyes checking me over and then you leaned close and sniffed.

What do you mean I stink?

I think it's obvious I thought it smelled great. I rolled in it enough to have gunk caked onto my neck fur.

Sad to say, in the battle of bath or no bath, I lost and am once again wet, disgruntled and smelling like shampoo.

But it was a glorious smell while it lasted! Totally worth it.

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