Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Do Not Feel So Good

It was a normal Thursday afternoon. The kids let us out of our crates and we ate lunch and ran around and barked and enjoyed the sunshine.

But by dinner time, I did not feel so good. My family's first clue that all was not right was when the dinner call went out and I did not leave the nest I had made in Mom's bed.

My family, bless their dear hearts, immediately started looking for me. They found me in bed, in the dark, and when they turned on the lights, everyone gasped.

I guess I had the looks to match the bad way I felt.

My right eye was closed and swollen looking, while my left eye looked rolled back and the lids drooped a little.

Emergency call to the vet, where they told us to come on in. Then they saw me and said, take her to the emergency vet. I trembled. I drooled. I sat up and laid down in 30 second intervals. Whispered questions were asked of my family. Has she eaten anything bad? Snail poison? Maybe she had a seizure? Or a stroke.

Pizza was dropped off at the house for the kids, and I was not even slightly interested. I sat in the truck, between Mom and Dad and a pizza box, and I did not even sniff the air once. I was in bad shape.

The emergency vet place is actually quite nice. Everyone treated me nicely and they could tell I wasn't faking. After lots of tests, even had my blood sucked out into a tube, we got the news.

I have anterior uveitis. It's worse in my right eye, but my left eye was starting to look iffy. My pupil was the size of a pin head, and I could hardly see. And the pain! Oh, the pain. It hurt terribly. So now I'm on two different kinds of eye drops, one every six hours, and one every eight hours, and I have half a pain pill every 8 hours.

Those pain pills are marvelous. My family can tell when it's time for me to have one just by the way I hold my eyes half closed. As soon as it kicks in, I open my eyes, and even though they are cloudy, I can see well enough to go outside and bark.

It's going to be a long week of eye drops, but my reward is a bit of peanut butter! I love peanut butter.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry! I am so happy that Emma is doing better now, that would have been so scary!