Sunday, July 10, 2011

She Is Called Puppy

Olive Badger has always been and probably always will be called L's Puppy. She's not a puppy, but whenever Mom talks about us dogs, she calls Sarah and me "the Beagles," and Olive is "L's Puppy."

Which shouldn't matter except recently she was stopped in the middle of the story about the Beagles and L's Puppy to ask if we had a new puppy. No, the same old one.

How old is your puppy?

Mom did some math in her head....L's Puppy is 20 months old. Um, that's almost two years old. Not really a puppy.

Um. Hmm.

But the answer my friends, is simply this: Olive will always be called L's Puppy because that is what she is. L saved her money, $300 of it, and bought a puppy of her own, and since Olive is always going to be tiny, it's so easy to forget that she isn't a puppy.

She's more like a teenager. And yelling, "L, your teenage dog just ate a shoe!" does not roll off the tongue as easily as yelling, "L, your puppy just ate a shoe!"

And since Olive Badger is kind of a hooligan, and is always finding something to chew that doesn't belong to her, I think she'll always have the label Puppy.

It just fits.

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