Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did You Hear That?

What was that noise? That rustling around in the carport? And the scent! Something is out here girls. Something is here, messing around on our turf!

We get it cornered, but that little scamp can climb high and cling to the rafters.

Mom is having a freak out. She thinks it's a rat. She saw it's skinny little tail and is not happy that something is crawling around in the messy carport. The way she ran back into the house when she heard a noise was kind of funny!

When Dad got home, he helped us flush it out. He wasn't afraid of a rat leaping off the beams and landing on him. Turns out, it wasn't a rat. Mom came out of the house a little to give a look see. It was a tiny chipmunk who sat here staring at us, giving us the eye, flaunting his superior climbing skills.
Stand down Sarah, it's just a chipmunk. Code Red Rat Alert has been cancelled. We can still be Code Pink Chipmunk Alert, but Dad says we have to come inside and let it be un-harassed for a bit.
But Dad! It will get away if we aren't out there watching it! I have a sneaking suspicion that is the reason he won't let us back out!

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