Tuesday, July 19, 2011

But Mom Said No

Yesterday was my lucky day. I got to go on a walk in the morning with Mom and Dad and it was nice outside and we smelled lots of good things and Olive Badger has finally gotten the hang of walking on a leash and we were hardly tangled up at all.

I got to go on another walk after dinner! Can you believe it? I was so surprised and excited. And not just with Mom and Dad and Sarah Beagle and Olive Badger, but my kids came too! That hardly ever happens now that they are in high school.

But things got even better. We only walked a little ways, but two houses from our destination, I went a little crazy with excitement. I just knew we were going to visit Grandma in her yellow house and I was right! I was pulling so hard at the leash, Dad had to walk faster.

I leaped up the steps and ran into the house were the girls and I promptly spazzed out. We ran around and around, we jumped, we danced, we leaped and galloped.

And we looked for food. Because at Grandma's house, where little kids like to visit, there are lots of crumbs of food hanging out under table chairs and the kitchen is a sticky smorgasbord! It's heavenly.

The girls and I were finding great things. We got to share a whole cookie that a little cousin had left behind. Olive licked up soda as it was spilling out of a loosely held cup. It was all great until a giant spider came out of hiding and wanted to join our party.

Mom and the kids and us girls all froze as we took in the size of that eight legged creature. It was a big 'un.

Grandma didn't freeze. She moved forward and smashed it flat. Go, Grandma! I leaped forward to investigate, possibly give it a lick to see if it tasted good, but Mom said, "No Emma!"

Humph. Grandma would have let me, but Mom said no. I watched Grandma sweep it up and toss it out, sadly without any idea of what it smelled like.

Good thing another cookie happened to break into three pieces and find their way to Olive, Sarah and me.

I love Grandma's house!

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