Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am Not A Fru-Fru Dog

Today I was beyond excited when Mom put the other two dogs in their crates, but bid me to come outside and go for a car ride. I ran right for the car and danced by the door until she opened it.

When we parked downtown, I could not believe it. Oh my gosh! The scents! The people! The everything! Walking downtown is so totally cool and I never get to do it!

Then we stopped at the most interesting smelling place of all. I should have been more nervous, but I was blissfully unaware of anything out of the ordinary until Mom picked me up and handed me over to a stranger!

She literally picked me up and gave me away!

I was taken into a room with about ten other dogs. Ladies were brushing fur and trimming nails and it was my turn next. I could see Mom as she stood outside. I spent the next ten minutes (the longest of my life, I assure you) staring at her, hoping she knew I was not happy with this turn of events, while a nice girl clipped my claws.

When she was done, she turned to Mom and held up a purple bandanna and asked if Mom wanted my neck tie to match my collar. Who did that girl think I was? Some kind of fru-fru dog?

I have never been more relieved than when Mom said no thanks to any scarfs, bows or ribbons.

Actually, I was more relieved when I was let down and got to go back out to my Mom.

The whole thing was not fun. Except the car ride. And walking downtown. Those things were actually pretty fun. And I did get extra treats. That's always nice.

But the nail clipping part, that was just not cool.

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  1. I was thinking, do you groom your dogs?? I did not think that you did!