Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Should Be Less Discriminating

I should be less discriminating in my garbage eating.  If I wasn't so picky, I'd have gotten all the garbage eaten up and Mom would never have found Sarah Beagle and I gorging ourselves.  The only reason Olive Badger wasn't outside with us is that she was laid up with a tummy full of garbage already.

I would like to point out that thanks to our snow storm last week, it's been two weeks since garbage pick up and the full to overflowing can practically insisted we tip it over and investigate.

Mom says that sort of investigation is not okay, ever, even with delightfully wicked smells that beg to be sorted out.  The girls and I will respectfully disagree with her on this, but Mom laid down the lay and set up a booby trap so we can't get into the garbage again.

Well, we could.  If we wanted to.  That rake laying on top of the can is not that scary.  Just a little scary!

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