Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beagle Fans Are Very Friendly

I have noticed in my jaunty walks out and about, that if a person is a Beagle lover, you will have no qualms about talking to a complete stranger who is walking two Beagles and a Badger.

You won't hesitate to call down from your second floor balcony to have a chit chat in the early morning to discuss how good looking we Beagles are. You will slow your bike down to a very wobbly crawl so you can let us know you've got a Beagle at home. You will walk past us with your big, non Beagle dog to tell us how fat your Beagle is at home.

You will pause in your hike to ask if we Beagles are the baying kind. When we meet on the sidewalk, with you walking your Beagle, and us walking our Mom, you will comment on how wonderful Beagles are. You will come over to us while we are camping and strike up a conversation that leads us to learn that your Beagle and myself, Emma Beagle, are actually related and can trace our roots back to the same home. I had thought that old girl was exceptionally lovely.....she looked just like me!

The only downside to all this Beagle love is that we aren't all Beagles. Good thing Olive Badger isn't too aware of that. She basks in the glow of Beagle adoration, confident that while she isn't a Beagle exactly, she is a lovely Badger and all Beagle Fans notice her too, but don't say anything because they don't want to hurt any Beagle feelings.

Sarah Beagle and I have agreed that we will let her keep on believing that! 

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