Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Name Is Emma Leave-It

My name is Emma Leave-It, or at least that is how it seems when we walk with Mom. She is constantly saying, "Emma! Leave it!"

All I'm doing is enjoying our walk, but she's against me.

Take yesterday for example. Sarah Beagle and I found a lovely dead squirrel, and we'd barely gotten a chance to give it a sniff before Mom was saying things like No! and Leave It! and That is so gross!

Olive Badger, meanwhile, was looking up at some birds on a wire and didn't even know that a real dead squirrel was just lying in the bushes, begging for some good sniffing.

If it's still there tomorrow, I'll be ready. I remember every place I sniffed a gross thing or stolen a treat to eat. Olive Badger, meanwhile, remembers where every dog lives that has ever barked at us, and a block from the barkers house, she is on alert, ready to growl and bark. If only she'd put that devotion into finding dead squirrels!

Right now it's Sarah Beagle and I pulling Mom one way, and Olive Badger pulling the other. If we joined forces, just think of all the pull we'd have! We'd get more than just a drag by sniffing of dead squirrels.

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