Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Rules For Barking On Walks

Mom has some pretty serious rules about barking when we are on walks.

As in, don't bark. It's rude.

If we don't like dogs walking by our house, barking at us, we shouldn't do it to them when we walk by their house.

Olive Badger does not follow this rule at all. Olive Badger is a Badger born to bark. She puts her whole body into it and fairly vibrates the leash with her frenzy.

Mom does not approve. And when she picks Olive Badger up to carry her away from the barking spot, Olive does not approve. Yet, Olive continues to bark while we are walking, Mom continues to pick her up, and Sarah Beagle and I continue to pretend we aren't with them.

It's a walk, for goodness sake, Olive Badger! Stop being carried! It's starting to embarrass us.

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