Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Which We Scare Off A Big Dog

We three girls love our morning walks with Mom. I think Mom is loving them a bit less since she's got a pack of wild family dogs leashed to her arm, but she does like the company when walking.

What she doesn't love is other dogs running loose in the neighborhood. She used to treat them with a stern, "Go Home," but after Sarah Beagle got chewed on by a big Rottweiler, Mom has gotten fiercer in her yelling when a strange dog runs towards us.

We were walking this morning, Sarah Beagle and I on the scent of something, Olive Badger dancing on her back legs trying to get birds on a wire, when we all became aware of a strange bark. Then we all became aware of a strange dog. Then we all became away of a strange big dog running towards us.

Mom yelled at it to go home, but it kept running. Olive Badger went berserker. She was all over us, tangling our leashes, practically screaming her barks of rage at this big dog daring to come near us. Her barks got Sarah Beagle and I going, and the three of us were fierce, back fur raised, voices loud, bound together with leashes.

That big dog stopped running. He literally turned his head to the side and stared at us, trying to figure us out. And what he decided was, we were to much to handle and he RAN AWAY.

We scared him off! We were a little crazed with adrenaline for the next few blocks, but that's understandable. We scared off a big dog! And later, a little one, but Olive could have scared the little dog off with one paw tied behind her back. We've seen that little one before, and he usually wears a scarf.

It's hard to feel proud of scaring off a little dog wearing a scarf!

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