Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Am The Winner

I have a few commands that I know and will obey. Sit, stay, lie down, and my favorite, where's your toy.

Where's your toy means that Mom or Dad are going to play with me and I need to find my ragged, stuffingless, usually soaking wet toy, and find it right now, before the other girls hear and try to hone in on my play time.

Sometimes, if I bring my toy to Dad, he will stop doing what he is doing and we will play tug of war, and when I finally let him get the toy, we play fetch. I love to race after my toy, snatch it up, and race back to him to play some more ferocious rounds of tug.

I am ashamed to admit that I usually get tuckered out before him. But in my defense, Dad is just standing there, while I running around like a mad Beagle.

But the other night something awesome and wonderful happened. I won! I wore Dad out! We played and played and played and he finally let go of my toy, patted my back and said those glorious words everyone wants to hear.

"You win!"

I did try to get him to keep playing, more to prove to him that I was no where near done, but he was tuckered out this time, and settled down on the couch to watch TV.

I am the winner. And it feels great!

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