Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween: To Scare Or Not To Scare

Folks, this is a very serious question you should ask yourself. Are you going to go all out, decorating with spooktacular flair, stringing up cobwebs and spiders, bats with flapping wings, scarecrows with evil grins?

Or, would you consider the feelings of one small Beagle who has never liked scarecrows and notices right away when Halloween decorations are waving in the breeze and reacts with a large amount of terror and grim determination to just get past the house and not let that thing get me?

I'd be ever so thankful if people along our walking route would not put out anything too scary. And by that I mean just about anything that is unusual.

It's not just for me, mind you. I've got to protect Mom. She is easily frightened. She might not show it at all, and might not even look like she is shivering with terror, but I can tell she is. Those scarecrows from Michaels are just terrible things. They should be outlawed, banned, and run out of town.

I know Mom agrees.

Er, I hope Mom agrees. It's bad enough that I live with a Badger. I don't think I could survive a scarecrow too!
Now, Folks, honestly! Isn't this just terrifying?

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