Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Which Sarah Beagle Goes Back To Bed

I am a sleeping in kind of hound dog. At 5 AM when I burrow under the covers with Mom, I am perfectly content to stay in bed sleeping for hours and hours. Even if Mom gets up, I don't mind staying in bed.

Olive Badger, meanwhile, jumps out of bed as soon as Mom sits up. She does not want to miss a single thing Mom does, especially if there is a chance that Mom is taking an early morning walk. Sarah Beagle gets up too, because frankly, with Olive and her, it is monkey... see monkey do!

I'll get up, but only if I know for sure and true that we are walking. And after walking our little paws off for at least 1.5 miles, I come home, eat my breakfast, and sack out on the couch, while Olive takes the other couch and we nap.

Sarah Beagle goes back to bed.

If Mom's bedroom door is open and Sarah wants an anytime of day nap, she goes back to bed. I can't tell you the number of time we've heard Mom's startled explanations when she forgets that a dog might be in her bed.

I keep telling Sarah if she just sided with me, and stayed in bed even when Olive Badger gets up, we could nestle down and sleep.....but she can't resist the siren call of an Olive Badger.

Or the siren call of Mom's bed when she's tired and ready to nap!

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