Saturday, May 21, 2011

Watch Me Run!

The sun has sunshined up our yard for two days! It's a hallelujah miracle! It's a sure sign that spring is really here. The grass is green and tall even though it was just cut last week, the flowers on the plants that Mom has planted (the ones that Olive Badger has not dug up) are starting to bloom and grow and Mom has been in her veggie garden working on weeding.

I'm not one to judge, but that veggie garden seems to be just one giant weed patch.

Spring is in the air and it is in my step. I'm full of energy.

Watch me run!

I have spent a crazy amount of time these last two days running circles in our yard. Mom says, "Get your toy, Emma!" and I pretend like I'm going to get it, run right to it, but I am actually running to fast to get it. I just breeze past it as I continue my lap, around the yard, through the carport, into the driveway, back to the yard.

I'll get the toy on the next round. When I slow down a little. If I slow down. I'm loving the feel of the wind whipping my ears back.

I love to hear Mom laugh and clap for me, it gets me so excited. I can't help but bark my joy.

Watch me run some more Mom!

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