Monday, May 9, 2011

You Went WHERE Without Me?

When my Mom and Dad left the other night, I stood in the driveway and watched them drive away. I thought they were just going to the store and that's why they didn't take me with them. I've really loved going on rides lately, and I try my best to give sad puppy eyes to anyone who is getting into a car so they might change their dog free trip and ask me to come along.

But being this is my Mom and Dad, and they know I have two places I love to go (the coffee stand or Grandpa Cliff's house), I was positive if they were going to one of those, or even better, both on the same trip, they would let me get into the car....

I ran out to greet them when they got home, as I always do, but when I got close enough to sniff their legs, I could smell where they'd been.

They went to visit Grandpa Cliff without me!!

They smelled of fields and wood smoke and even more damning, they had cookie breath.


I was a little put out, but Mom has apologized and there are promises that I can go next time, when they aren't digging up rhubarb or burning brush......I am going to be extra vigilant with walking my family out to the car and I'm going to practice my sad puppy eyes, so hopefully this will not happen again.

I should be the one with cookie breath!

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