Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Are You Dreaming Of, Dad?

What are you dreaming of, Dad? When your legs are twitching back and forth, when your arms flutter under the covers?

Is it like when I dream? And I'm chasing squirrels and cats and the other two dogs?

Or are you a ninja fighting zombies?

I'm leaning towards the zombie dream. That seems like something that you would dream.

After all, I'm not sure you can fully appreciate the awesomeness of chasing squirrels and cats and the other dogs. I have seen some of your zombie movies and I have to agree with Mom on some things. First, I am too young for all that scary violence. Second, it's pretty gruesome. Third, that is probably why you have nightmares.

It could also be due to late night snacking. That bowl of old valentine hearts seemed to have a lot of visits from you....

Either way, you should listen to Mom a bit more, Dad. After all, she's usually right about all things, including how best for her to have undisturbed sleep!

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