Wednesday, February 9, 2011

....And I Got Wet

What we have here is a situation, dear readers. It's a battle, the start of a war, and I am as determined to win as my Mom is.

Of course, at the end of the second skirmish she was dry. Me, not so much.

Apparently Mom and Dad and I guess the whole neighborhood and every person who walks by our house thinks we three dogs bark too much. At first it was fun. Mom called us the Barking Beagle Brigade and no one minded.

I will admit though, we've gotten a bit loud. We bark in the house. We bark outside. We bark in our crates at night and we bark in the mornings when the door is closed and we want out.

We like to bark.

A lot.

Mom said last night that it was too much and we were going to have to stop. I ignored her until she turned on the hose. That means she is serious and the girls and I retreated. But later, much later, past the time when we are allowed to bark outside because politeness at such an hour calls for quiet, we begged to go out one more time and as soon as we were out, we started barking. Mom tried calling us in, but we willfully ignored her.

I know. Not my most obedient moment. I regret it now, but last night, the call was upon us. Something had walked through our yard and we had to follow the scent and let it know we are dogs that do not like to be trespassed against.

Neither does Mom. I thought we were safe, in the way back corner of the yard, far away from the dreadful hose. What I hadn't counted on was Mom getting a giant glass of water and bringing it out to douse us with.

.....And I got wet. We all got wet. We ran inside and gave Mom looks of disappointment. She knows we don't like to be wet. She knows we like to bark.

But she says enough is enough. I'm not sure I agree. In fact, I quite don't. The battle is on!

Or at least, on when she's not home. She's deadly accurate with a cup of water.

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  1. Hi there, nice story to read. There is really a battle going on. Thank god, my beagle Gizmo isn't barking so much ,as i live in amsterdam with a lot of neighbours around us.
    Greeting, Odette and Gizmo