Friday, January 28, 2011

Mopping Supervisor

Well, this is a surprise. Mom, I didn't know you were going to be mopping.
Good thing I came in when I did. How could you mop without me watching?
So far, so good, Mom. Little close to my water bowl, though.
That's better. Don't miss the spot where I sit to eat. It was a bit dirty this morning....
Whew, finished! I approve, both the job and it being done.
Now, how soon until the floor is dry? I don't like how wet my paws get when I walk on it!


  1. Woh, is your beagle really waiting on the bottom stair , when the floor is dry? Mine is walking all over the place when it's wet. I can start all over again or have to live with footprints on the floor.

    Greetings from Odette

  2. It only looks like she's waiting for the floor to dry! That's where she sits while I mop the bathroom. Usually she follows me, walking on the wet floor, but she's not allowed in the bathroom, so she sits there, waiting for me to be done.