Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips For A Stealth Garbage Run

The most important rule of a secret run down the alley to find garbage is To Not Get Caught.

I'm talking to you, Olive Badger.

The second rule is to not get greedy. Do not stick your head so far into an eggnog carton that you can't get free.

Again, Olive Badger, this is for you.

Third rule, and this is crucial. After you are rescued from the carton, have been bathed and dried off, but not yelled at because a carton stuck on your head is traumatic enough, lie on the couch and look sad and shamed.

Do not run outside and run down the alley looking for more garbage!

Honestly, Olive!

1 comment:

  1. What a nice story. I can see my beagle Gizmo doing the same. He can't get out of the garden looking for garbadge, but if he could, he would. The there are some nice pics on your Blog. I will post some of my beagle soon on mine.
    Greetings Odette, from Amsterdam, Holland