Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Are You Doing, Mom?

Why are you outside Mom? Why do you have a bag and the little shovel?

Oh. I see.

Having three dogs does mean there is a lot more mess to clean up.

But Mom, you have two big kids in the house. Don't you pay them an allowance to wash dishes and clean up the yard? They should be out here!

Well, I guess you are right. Leah is sick and David has a friend over. Still, Mom, you are too nice. You shouldn't be doing their job for them.

What's that? Do I know anything about the garbage in the ivy? The wrappers, the boxes, even a mocha cup? Um, not that I want to say.

Mom, it's a good thing you are so nice. I shouldn't even complain about how nice you are. After all, I am on the receiving end of that undeserved niceness more often than not.

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