Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Pushy Nosed Menace

Me and my girls, in the Good Old Days

Mom, I know when you heard that terrible thud and found me trapped behind the couch in the bay window, you thought I was just clumsy.

But now that Sarah has also fallen behind the couch, I think you are suspicious that it's not an accident.

It's not.

Olive Badger is pushing us off the back of the couch!!!

I'm not sure if she's doing it on purpose, since you've seen how crazy she gets when she's excited, but I know for sure, I was pushed. Pushed I tells ya!

Or at least, nosed very hard.

Olive is a menace! A pushy nosed menace! Tell everyone to beware!

If you sit on the back of our couch, trying to look out the window for people walking, leaves falling or squirrels daring, you might feel the cold wet nose of the Badger tipping you end over top down into the abyss that is behind the couch.

By the way Mom, it's a bit dusty back there. I saw Badger sized dust bunnies!

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