Saturday, November 27, 2010

And So It Begins

There is a once yearly change that takes place in our house, where all our usual things are moved around and Santas and snowmen take over. When my favorite chair is moved out of the living room and an actual tree is brought in to take it's place.

You might think I would be upset by all this change, this disruption to my usual routine.

I am not.

You see, I know what this means. When the tree comes in, when I see the stockings hanging by the window, I know it is time to being the Christmas countdown.

I am a Christmas Hound. I love Christmas! I love my stocking filled with treats, I love tearing open the paper on my present, I love sticking my nose in everyone else's unwrappings!

I've noticed Mom did not hang up my stocking. She knows I can't handle seeing it up. I will spend hours staring at it if I see it. I know one morning I will wake up and there will be gifts under the tree and my stocking will be stuffed.

I can't wait!

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