Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Light Savings Time Has No Meaning To Dogs

I live my life by my internal clock. I know exactly when I should be fed every day. I know exactly when I should be let out of my crate every morning. And I know when I should go to crate at night. Sometimes, at night, I get tired of waiting for my parents to be ready for bed and go to crate without prompting.

The point is, I know what time it is. Sure, I'll try to fudge and get my meals early. I've been known to drag my food dish around the kitchen an hour before it's time. I'm just testing my old folks, to see if they really do pay attention to the clock.

But there are two days every year that mess me up. One is in March, and the other, unfortunately is today.

Mom says it's Daylight Savings Time and we either spring forward or fall back. I like the spring. I like eating earlier than my clock says I should. But today, today is the worst! Mom says it's 11, and I have to wait an hour until lunch.

I say it's lunch time right now and I'm going to snuffle around the laundry room looking for lost pieces of dog food.

Mom says I have to get out of there, she knows I'm one nosing away from knocking over the whole bag of dog food.

This day is truly a horrible, rotten, no good sort of day.

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  1. I HATE daylight savings. Fall is at least slightly better then Spring, but not by much!