Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sarah At The Table

My sister Sarah Beagle has the annoying habit of jumping up to sit on a dining room chair. One that is not too far from the table itself. She is sitting at the table really.

The annoying part is that Mom lets her.

If I tried that, I would be scolded from here to eternity!

But Sarah just sits there so pretty.

If you ask her, it has nothing to do with the table. I know, I've asked. She's not there to sniff out any crumbs. She is sitting there because it's close to the computer, and Sarah loves the computer, and loves it when our family is surfing the net.

Just this morning Mom was looking at you tube videos of Beagles and Sarah was sitting next to her, basking in Mom's laughter.

I wish that could be me.

But I wouldn't be there for the laughter. I'd be there for the crumbs.

I'd deserve the scolding I'd get.

I'll let Sarah Beagle have this one special thing. I've heard it's hard to be the middle Dog. She deserves a few crumbs thrown her way.

I'm kidding. I deserve the crumbs. Mom, don't you dare wash off the table when Sarah is sitting there! That would be intolerable!

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