Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Time Is My Busiest Time

You wouldn't know it, because I am just a dog, albeit a Beagle which makes me more than 'just a dog' but I am a dog, and you would not have any idea that Christmas is my busiest time of the year.

First, there is just the excitement of the tree, the stockings, the gifts I know Mom has hidden in her closet. Second, there is the baking. Granted, we haven't started to actually bake yet, but cookbooks are being dragged out and recipes shared and plans are in the works. Third is the excitement of Santa. I have never heard him come in the house on Christmas Eve, we don't have a chimney, but every Christmas morning when I get up, I know he's been here. My stocking is full of good dog treats and I have a present to tear off wrappings.

But for me, Christmas is the busiest time of the year because it is time to write the Family Christmas Newsletter. When I was a small pup, with a fat puppy tummy, I discovered I had a passion for writing. My Mom was kind enough to let me write the newsletter for our Christmas cards and a star was born!

I am funny and clever, but really, what else would you expect from a Beagle? Every year, I sit down and flex my creativity muscles and write.

This year, though, I seem to have come down with a case of my Mom's procrastination virus. Instead of writing the letter, even now when I have a moment, I'm blogging!


And it's only a week until Christmas!

The pressure is on. Mom says I don't have to worry too much, she hasn't started addressing Christmas cards yet, or gotten the family picture to put in the cards, but I know she's just being nice. I have to put my nose to the grindstone, and even if that grindstone smells inviting and tries to lead me off to on an adventure to find the source of the scent, I will not waiver.

Or I won't in just a moment. I think I hear someone in the kitchen making breakfast. I better check the floor for crumbs, and then I'll be write back here at the computer, writing my little witty heart out!

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