Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Is Over...

Christmas is over and now I can revert back to my bad ways.

Well, it's not exactly that I'm Bad, it's just that I am not on my best behavior. I have 360ish days until next year. I'm pretty sure Santa is taking it easy right now. He's not making any lists or checking anything twice.

I don't believe he will know that I've gotten into the outside garbage twice and the inside kitchen trash once.

And even if he does, oh well. I've got so many more days to make up for this lapse in goodness.

I'll just be extra good next December. Around the time the tree comes back into our house.....

So, for now, Santa isn't a worry. It's Mom. She is less than pleased with me. Maybe if I lie on the couch and look pathetic and sickly and give her puppy dog eyes.....

Nope. She says she has no sympathy for my sick tummy since I did eat so much garbage on my own accord.

Santa is much easier to deal with!

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