Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas, A Story In Pictures

Christmas Eve: 10pm, the kids have their pajamas....
Where is my gift? I have to wait until morning?
MOM!!!!! Not fair!
Christmas morning: 7am, the kids are upstairs sleeping....
I don't get it!
Who can sleep on a morning like this?
Not me! And not Mom since she's sitting here with me....
Oh, wait. She says she'd rather be sleeping but I can't be trusted on Christmas morning.
Well, I know I've got cookies in that stocking! I can hardly wait!
Even Olive Badger knows those stockings hold sweet yummy goodness!
Okay, we are all up. We are all ready. Where's my stocking now?
The kids first? Really? I've been waiting so much longer!
Still waiting.....
My stocking is empty. How did I eat all my cookies so fast?
Now to wait. I know (since I found it earlier) that there is a gift under the tree for me....
My present!
And now, it's over. I've eaten all my cookies. I've chewed my toy a little, then Olive Badger took it outside. Now I'm going to sit here and wait for Christmas breakfast. Please let there be bacon and please let Mom be feeling Christmasy and give me a piece!
Merry Christmas!

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