Friday, July 23, 2010

I See A Suitcase

I see a suitcase laying open on my Mom's bed and I know. Something is up.

Dad just cleaned out the car and washed it and it shines. Something is up.

There are tubs of delicious smelling food sitting on the kitchen floor that I know I am not supposed to touch. Something is definitely up.

If they start putting those suitcases and tubs in the clean car, then I will know we are leaving on a trip. I'll jump in the car and sit in the front waiting patiently. I don't want them to forget me!

Of course, I've got to time this just right. I have gotten in too early and no one noticed me. The doors got shut and I was trapped! With no way to get to the food! That was not a good time.

But today, today I will plan much better. When the kids start putting their things in the back seat, then I'll get in.

I'm kind of excited! We've been up to Alaska, over to South Dakota, and down to Arizona....I'm a well traveled dog. I like to go on trips. It's great to sniff new things! And old dead things, but that's quite a different tale, one best left unsaid.

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