Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleeping In Ain't What It Used To Be

I know my Mom has complained about her lack of sleeping in due to having dogs in the house, but I just want to remind her when it was just me, only (not lonely) Beagle, I liked to sleep in!

Granted, it was under the covers with her, but I did enjoy sleeping late.

I still try to get my extra zzz's in....every morning I jump in her bed and snuggle down next to her....and every morning there is a really annoying puppy who stands on me and sniffs at me and in general makes sleep impossible.

I do not remember Sarah Beagle being anywhere near this excited in the mornings. Must be the PomDoxie in Olive. She's revved up and ready to go at an ungodly hour. This morning she was standing on me at 6:45!

The nerve of her! It's bad enough that Mom gets up before the alarm clocks hit 6:00. But at least she's careful to slip out of bed, keeping the covers on me and Sarah.

Oh well. I still have the couch for my early morning nap, the chair for my noon nap, and if it's sunny, I'll take my afternoon snooze outside in the warm grass. I'll catch up on my zzz's, no need for worry!

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