Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Do I Know What Time It Is?

Do I know what time it is?  Mom, Dad, please.  The question is really do you know what time it is?

I'm dancing around, giving you soulful puppy eyes, sitting pretty and all you can say is, "Emma, do you know what time it is?"  A ridiculous question if I ever heard one, because we all know that I know what time it is.

It's breakfast time!  Like I've been trying to tell you for the last 10 minutes!  

I can barely contain myself as you slowly dish up my food, I sit but I don't want to, and now, 10 seconds later, I'm finished.  I'm going to go snoop around my sister's bowls to see if they forgot to eat a piece or two and count down the hours until lunch.

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