Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh, The Tummy Ache

Yesterday I was laid up all day with a sick tummy ache.  I know, I know, it was my fault for eating something I shouldn't have.  My Mom and Dad made guesses as to what it could be, but I remained mum on the subject.

It is sufficient to say I'd get in trouble if they knew what it was.

By evening, I was feeling better.  Hungry even.  I ate my dinner and then felt like I might need a snack as we watched the new episode of 'The Walking Dead'.

So of course, I headed for the kitchen garbage.  I still wasn't in tip top condition, though, and wasn't as stealthy and silent as usual, and Mom caught me.

She was not happy.  I was not happy.  I went to bed without my snack.  It was very sad.  Sure, it might have given me a tummy ache, but that is a risk I am always willing to take!

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