Monday, March 21, 2011

Dogs Can Have Facebook Pages?

I just heard that Mark Zuckerberg's dog has a Facebook page. Does that seem crazy cool or what? I could have one too. I would write things like:

"I found something glorious to roll in, but Mom was not cool with it. She made me take a bath."

"I changed my morning nap routine and napped on the chair instead of the couch."

"Pancakes are delicious!"

"Walking with Olive Badger is not as fun as you might think."

"Dad is building a fence. He says it's to keep us in, but I'm choosing to think it's to keep the bad guys out."

But do I really need a Facebook page? Do I want one?

Nah. I prefer to network and connect in real life. If I want to friend someone, you can find me outside barking.

"Hi! Are you a dog? I'm a dog! We can be dogs together!"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

Girls, let's get crazy! Mom is in the shower and we have waited just long enough that she's probably got suds in her hair and won't be able to check on us.

Let's make enough noise that it sounds like we've invited elephants into our house. Let's do things that make loud thumps and bumps. Let's run so fast our claws skitter across the floor as we slide past the bathroom door. Let's bark and howl and all around celebrate in a wild rumpus sort of way!

And let's let it all stop suddenly, no thumps or bumps or claws or barks or howls, with a single hurt dog cry.

And when Mom comes out of the bathroom, wet and worried, let us be sitting on the couch, calm, cool, and collected, with no hint that we've been doing anything but sitting there listening to music.
Well, with only one hint. One Olive Badger, panting, tongue hanging out, is the only evidence that we had a wild rumpus.
Okay, Girls. Same time tomorrow? Meet me when Mom closes the bathroom door!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cat Has Trespassed

A cat has trespassed against us.

It dared to rest in our shrubbery. It dared to silently bide it's time, while we trailed it's scent. It dared to not move even a whisker as we barked and growled at it....and let me tell you, we barked and growled quite ferociously. It dared to stay in it's spot, unfazed, unmoving, while we howled and howled.

Until Mom came out to see what the trouble was and then she CHECKED on the cats welfare! It dared to lure our Mom into it's "cute" no avail as Mom is firmly on Team Dog. She ascertained that the cat was okay, not injured or sick and told us to leave it alone.

Leave it alone? As if! That cat is going to get the barking of it's life.

Well, that pause for a Mom lecture gave that cat time to stealthy leap off the retaining wall and disappear under a parked car.
That cat was saved from further barks. This time.