Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cat Has Trespassed

A cat has trespassed against us.

It dared to rest in our shrubbery. It dared to silently bide it's time, while we trailed it's scent. It dared to not move even a whisker as we barked and growled at it....and let me tell you, we barked and growled quite ferociously. It dared to stay in it's spot, unfazed, unmoving, while we howled and howled.

Until Mom came out to see what the trouble was and then she CHECKED on the cats welfare! It dared to lure our Mom into it's "cute" no avail as Mom is firmly on Team Dog. She ascertained that the cat was okay, not injured or sick and told us to leave it alone.

Leave it alone? As if! That cat is going to get the barking of it's life.

Well, that pause for a Mom lecture gave that cat time to stealthy leap off the retaining wall and disappear under a parked car.
That cat was saved from further barks. This time.

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