Monday, March 21, 2011

Dogs Can Have Facebook Pages?

I just heard that Mark Zuckerberg's dog has a Facebook page. Does that seem crazy cool or what? I could have one too. I would write things like:

"I found something glorious to roll in, but Mom was not cool with it. She made me take a bath."

"I changed my morning nap routine and napped on the chair instead of the couch."

"Pancakes are delicious!"

"Walking with Olive Badger is not as fun as you might think."

"Dad is building a fence. He says it's to keep us in, but I'm choosing to think it's to keep the bad guys out."

But do I really need a Facebook page? Do I want one?

Nah. I prefer to network and connect in real life. If I want to friend someone, you can find me outside barking.

"Hi! Are you a dog? I'm a dog! We can be dogs together!"

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