Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Olive Badger Finds A Frenemy

This is Olive Badger, looking unhappy because of something Mom is holding.

This is Olive The Other Reindeer, the thing that Mom is holding.
From the moment that Mom pulled Olive The Other Reindeer out of a bag, our Olive Badger has had a jones for it. It remains unclear whether Olive Badger likes it or hates it.

She acts like she hates it, but she doesn't bite it. She doesn't try to shake the stuffing out of it, but she does want it under her paw. Sarah Beagle and I took a turn at sniffing it, but frankly, it's just a stuffed dog wearing antlers. Olive Badger disagrees, and for that reason, Mom is being very careful where Olive The Other Reindeer lives. Like, it's going to live way up high on a shelf, safe from the climbing, acrobat that we know as Olive Badger.

Or at least, I hope it's safe. I looked over the area to see if there was a way to climb up to it, but I didn't see one. Of course, 5 years of living in our kitchen with a crate next to the counter, I never once thought I could jump up on the crate and get a loaf of bread down, and Olive Badger knew that was a doable action right away.

Olive Badger is clever like that.

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