Friday, November 11, 2011

Is It Raining Outside? I Hadn't Noticed.

I woke up this lovely morning to discover that it is raining outside. Great huge drops of rain, coming down in copious amounts.

So, of course, being the Beagle that I am, and loving the be warm and dry, I have mostly stayed inside, bedded down in my crate with the heater blasting me with hot air. Sarah Beagle is likewise occupied.

Olive Badger, meanwhile, is outside, casually meandering in this downpour. Her look when she came inside, clearly said, "Oh, is it raining? I hadn't noticed. It's lovely out today."

Then she shook herself off, got the couch wet, and ran back outside to soak up more rain with her fluffy badger fur.

Too bad for you, Olive Badger, Mom's getting out the towel. You might not have noticed the rain, but Mom has. It's about to become that kind of day when you get dried off every time you come in the house.....

And yes, that is me laughing at you.

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