Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In the mornings, I love it when my family makes their lunches.  Dad always drops a cracker or two for us, and while the other members of my family don't, I am always there waiting, hoping, wishing, for them to drop something too.

The hardest mornings are the ones like today, when my brother and his friends are literally scooping out spoonfuls of peanut butter and eating them right in front of me.  He knows I love peanut butter more than anything!

This morning he makes a mad dash into the dining room, with a spoon of peanut butter and tells Mom he can't eat it all, what should he do? And she told him to just set it on the kitchen counter, she would use it for her lunch.

He set it down and ran out the door to go to school.

Aha!  I saw my chance and I seized it!

And that is how Mom walked into the kitchen to find me with my feet on the counter, licking the peanut butter spoon.

In my defense, he did leave it right on the edge of the counter.  He either wanted me to have it or he was taunting me with it.

Either way, I win!  Peanut Butter, it's what's for after breakfast snack!

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  1. Oh Emma, you were so lucky, I am a corgi and my legs are too short to reach the kitchen counter. I rely on things getting dropped or accidentally tossed into the living room trash bin.