Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Wish For Christmas

My wish, dear Santa if you are reading this, my wish for Christmas this year is really a wish for Olive Badger. (See? See how good and kind I am Santa? My first wish is not for peanut butter cookies in my stocking. That is my second wish....)

My wish is for Olive Badger and for her to not get in so many scrapes. Just like the time she got an eggnog carton stuck on her head, she tends to get into troubles. She tried to bite the Fed Ex guy, the mailman won't come up to our house anymore, and she is constantly chewing something to smithereens.

But last night she did the worst thing ever. She stole a half empty (which means it was half full) bag of chocolate chips out of the cupboard and ate it all. Six ounces of chocolate and a 15 pound dog do not equal good things.

She's been very ill, but she'll be okay. But I heard Dad say that dogs like the taste of chocolate, and after eating some, they usually will eat more, any chance they can. That is bad.

My wish for Olive Badger is that she will not love the taste of chocolate. I wish she would hate it, and remember being so sick. I know I'll remember it. I've never seen so much sick. I didn't even ask to have my crate opened until the floor was cleaned, twice.

It was that bad.

So, dear, darling, wonderful Santa. Please make Olive Badger just a teensy weensy bit better behaved; please make her just a little bit more like me. Once in awhile I get in the trash, and I've been known to bark in a ferocious manner at certain strangers, but overall, I'm a pretty good role model.

Ahem. Peanut butter cookies are a much appreciated gift for good role models. Just saying, Santa. Think about it.

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